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Welcome to Maid at Home, your premier household staffing agency for dedicated housekeepers. Join our community where your skills are not just valued but celebrated. Together, we elevate homes with a commitment to excellence and genuine care, creating fulfilling opportunities for you in every housekeeping task.

We Train You And Help You Find Great Clients

Meet Anoesjka, the visionary founder of Maid at Home. With a passion for empowering housekeepers, she’s curated a community valuing skills, dedication, and excellence. Anoesjka’s leadership transforms Maid at Home into more than a staffing agency—it’s a thriving ecosystem where housekeepers find respect, opportunities, and belonging. With her at the helm, we’re on a mission to redefine the cleaning & households industry, creating a satisfying and supportive environment.


What We Do

At Maid at Home, we excel in household staffing. Our services extend beyond connecting skilled housekeepers with affluent households; we enhance careers. We offer comprehensive staffing solutions, refining CVs, and providing tailored training, ensuring our housekeepers deliver exceptional service, seamlessly integrating into homes with professionalism and expertise.

Find Work

We connect skilled housekeepers with households, creating harmony and excellence together.

Improve CV

Let us (re)write your CV, showcasing your skills for a successful housekeeping journey.

Get Training

Our tailored training ensures excellence in every aspect of professional housekeeping.


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Empower Your Skills with Maid at Home Training Events! Explore our upcoming sessions to enhance your cleaning expertise. Join us for skill-building experiences that elevate your career.



Find New Jobs

Discover Job Opportunities with Maid at Home! Browse through our latest job listings and find the perfect housekeeping assignment. Apply now and unlock a world of fulfilling work.





9 Hrs P/W


197 days ago

Senior Housekeeper



25 P/Hr

20 Hrs P/W

4 months

197 days ago

Experienced Nanny



34k - 37k

32 Hrs P/W


197 days ago

Junior Housekeeper



20-25 P/Hr

30 Hrs P/W

1 Year

200 days ago


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join your cleaning agency?

To join, simply fill out our online application. We’ll review your qualifications and contact you promptly.

What types of cleaning services do you offer?

We provide a range of services, including residential, commercial, and specialized cleaning tailored to client needs.

How do you ensure the safety of cleaners and clients?

We conduct thorough background checks on cleaners and implement safety protocols to prioritize everyone’s well-being.

Can I set my own cleaning schedule?

Absolutely! We work with flexible schedules to accommodate your availability and ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Join our team of housekeeping professionals.

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